Enterprise Ready DevSecOps

Why we’ve partnered with GitLab, HasiCorp and Prisma Cloud is clear. What we deliver through our customer engagement approach is an Enterprise Ready DevSecOps solution.

Our methodology is designed to help you dramatically improve, then automate, across your entire Application Lifecycle Management process. Once the platform is implemented, we accelerate the migration of delivery pipelines to your public, private and hybrid clouds and enable your engineers to sustain the new environment.

1. Workshop & Assessment

  • Analysis of customer DevSecOps maturity model
  • Toolchain assessment and organisational cultural review towards change
  • Understand development and platform requirements
  • Evaluate current pipeline complexity and level of effort
  • Identify and gather metrics & KPIs
  • Build program team consisting of D|OPS Digital and client resources
  • Goal setting

2. Development Pipeline Design & Build Phase

  • Accelerated platform build / enhancement – on-prem or cloud offering
  • Delivery of automated CI/CD pipeline
  • Integration into surrounding ecosystem as required (Jira, ServiceNow, etc.)
  • DevSecOps processes and operationalization

3. Development Pipeline Adoption

  • Code and Artifact migration
  • Migration of applications to new pipelines
  • Training, support, and team enablement
  • Re-assess metrics and KPIs
  • Scale out

4. Everything as Code

  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Template creation and testing
  • Policy as Code policy creation
  • Assisted development and application refactoring
  • Container / k8s automation


  • Collaboration across teams
  • Converting Operations to Site Recovery Engineers
  • FinOps for Cloud
  • Incident management approaches


  • Agile development teams providing accelerated and sustainable software delivery which can adapt based upon changing or updated requirements
  • Teams can scale up or down based upon timeline and requirements
  • Scum Master, Scrum of Scrum Master approach as work scales and platform is adopted