Senior devops consultant/ Principal delivery engineer

Posted 12 months ago

D|Ops Digital has a vacancy for a DevOps Consultant / Principal Delivery Engineer to join our pre-sales team. They will be the first Delivery Engineer to join a hyper growth DevOps and CI/CD consulting business that aims to be the #1 CI/CD and DevOps consulting practice in Europe. We will be aggressively partnering with GitLab and GCP to help large multinational organisations too. You will be responsible for spreading knowledge, ideas and applied implementation skills needed to improve software delivery and runtime performance. You will be responsible for ensuring that the customer understands the delivery requirements and takes a collaborative approach for the entire Software Development Lifecycle. This includes active involvement in building software delivery and testing pipelines along with automated provisioning of infrastructure. In addition to technical skills, you will also be a crucial mentor for teams through their Agile/DevOps journey.



  • Assist clients in building and adopting software delivery tools to accelerate their DevOps growth
  • Make recommendations for improvements to existing architecture
  • Be a servant leader by providing technical guidance, DevOps mentorship and bridging silos between teams
  • Help D|Ops Digital to grow our consulting business.• Make recommendations for improvements to existing architecture
  • Help implement new technologies in development for future deployment
  • Provide technical guidance, knowledge transfers and mentorship to peers as required
  • Help implement and improve development CI/CD software pipeline.



  • 3 – 5+ years of experience in configuring and managing software/infrastructure deployments
  • General understanding of DevOps / CI/CD principles and Agile Development processes
  • Strong mentorship and presentation skills, comfortable working directly with customers/clients
  • High attention to detail and able to solve complex challenges
  • Experience working with server virtualization, IaaS, PaaS and cloud environments
  • In-depth understanding of DevOps principles, practices and tools• Experience with containerization, orchestration, monitoring and metric technologies
  • Robust knowledge of CI/CD pipelines
  • Strong mentorship and presentation skills, comfortable working with clients
  • Proficiency in managing Linux and Windows systems
  • High attention to detail and able to solve complex challenges
  • Experience with deployment automation and orchestration
  • Familiarity with Git or other version control systems
  • Interest in Agile, Extreme Programming, Lean and Kanban
  • Ability to context-switch between multiple projects, codebases and concepts with ease
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Ability to context-switch between multiple projects, codebases, and concepts with ease
  • Experience with deployment automation and orchestration
  • Ability and desire to bridge silos and bring different teams together while working towards a common goal


Technical Experience / Qualifications:

  • Extensive experience with CI/CD principles, practices, and tools
  • Familiarity with Git or other version control systems (Gitlab, GitHub, Jenkins, Team City)
  • Programming languages (Python, YAML, Java, JIRA)
  • 3+ years of experience in configuring and managing infrastructure
  • Proficiency in building and managing Linux and/or Windows Systems
  • Experience working with server virtualisation, IaaS, PaaS, and cloud environments (Azure, GCP or AWS. But a preference for Google. Google Cloud Architect, Google Cloud DevOps Engineer)
  • Certified Kubernetes Administrator CKA (Cloud Native Computing Foundations)
  • Strong understanding of networking fundamentals (IP, TCP, UDP, load balancing, etc.)
  • Experience with scripting languages
  • Infrastructure automation (Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Terraform)


Additional Requirements:

  • Ability to give and receive Feedback. A central part of living our core values is our environment of safe, timely, and direct feedback. We require and coach our employees on how to provide constructive and critical feedback to their peers, reports, and leadership. This can take on many forms; written, verbal, in a group setting, and one-on-one, and can involve topics ranging from job performance and leadership effectiveness to root cause analysis, communication, and integrity. While not always comfortable, we see the ability to give and receive feedback in a safe environment as a job requirement common across all practices and roles, and a vital aspect of our culture and continuous improvement.• Continuously Develops Others. Committed to the continuous process of education and development of self and colleagues. Acknowledges people’s strengths and accomplishments. Offers useful feedback and helps to identify others’ needs for future growth and improvement. Mentors and gives timely coaching that fosters an individual’s skills.
  • Able to Intuitively Understand the way people think and work. Understands the forces that shape views and actions of clients, customers, or competitors. Accurately reads an organisational and external reality.
  • Models Leadership qualities. Articulates and arouses enthusiasm for a shared vision and mission. Leads by example.
  • Is a catalyst for Change. Recognises the need for change and removes barriers. Challenges the status quo to acknowledge the need for change. Champions the change and enlists others in its pursuit.
  • Fosters Excellence in Communication. Is effective in give-and-take, registering emotional cues in attuning their message. Deals with difficult issues straightforwardly. Listens well; seeks mutual understanding and welcomes the sharing of information fully. Fosters open communication and stays receptive to bad news as well as good.
  • Possesses a high level of Integrity. Acts ethically and is above reproach. Builds trust through their honesty, reliability, and authenticity. Possesses a strong concern for the needs of his/her colleagues. Takes tough principled stands even if they are unpopular. Meets commitments and keeps promises.
  • Demonstrates Self-control. Manages his/her impulsive feelings and distressing emotions and operates without any personal agenda. Stays composed, positive and unflappable even in trying moments. Thinks clearly and stays composed and focused under pressure.
  • Must be Flexible. Smoothly handles multiple demands, shifting priorities and rapid change. Is able to work collaboratively to get things done. Proactively seeks the advice and suggestions of peers, subordinates, and superiors. Adapts strategies and tactics to fit fluid circumstances. Is flexible in how he/she sees events.
  • Is Optimistic. Demonstrates a positive mental attitude. Persists in seeking goals despite obstacles and setbacks. Operates from a hope of success rather than a fear of failure. Sees setbacks as due to manageable circumstances rather than a personal flaw.


About D|OPS Digital

D|Ops Digital is a “Pure Play” DevOps consulting firm targeting Enterprise and Service Provider customers who want to drive SDLC acceleration, cycle time compression and compliance. Head Quartered in London. Our leadership team boast a heritage of building then scaling hyper growth cloud and application services companies quickly by delivering a truly exceptional customer experience. We have significant experience in recruiting, building, then developing high performance teams and above all creating an amazing place to work. Our Senior Practitioners have a deep understanding of transformation and change in delivering DevOps, Security, SDLC, and Cloud Acceleration outcomes in some of the most complex highly regulated enterprise environments in the world. D|Ops Digital have access to over 100 qualified development and consulting resources located across Europe and the New York Metro area. Our mission is to be a “Design Led” company who helps our customers to implement the best practices and reap the benefits that can be attained from implementing a DevOps mentality across the end to end software development cycle. We will assist them to improve their delivery cycle from “Idea” to “Production” in days, rather than weeks & months. “Our customers will build, test and deploy quality code fast!” – They will be planning to implement an integrated an automated DevOps platform or replace a poorly integrated tool chain. We intend to position GitLab as the market leading “Enterprise Ready” Continuous Integration, Continuous Development,Continuous Delivery platform to address these challenges. Our proven implementation methodology is designed to help to dramatically improve then automate theEnterprise CI/CD process. Once the platform is implemented, D|Ops Digital service offerings will then accelerate the migration of horizontally scaled CI/CD pipelines to public, private & hybrid cloud. By being firmly integrated into our customers SDLC, D|Ops Digital will be well placed to augment other key activities and tasks associated with Assisted Development, Cloud Migration, FinOps and Risk Management. In summary, we intend to create an incredible place to work, that offers opportunity for all.

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