Technology Challenges






The DevSecOps Engine

D|OPS Digital has created an integrated solution to address these challenges utilising best-of-breed software from GitLab, HashiCorp, and Prisma Cloud. This “DevSecOps Engine” can be rapidly deployed in a multi-cloud environment enabling accelerated adoption and time to value.

Simplified Toolchain

With GitLab, you get a complete CI/CD toolchain in a single application minimizing risk, overhead and complexity. We’ve taken it a step further integrating with industry leading solutions from HashiCorp and Prisma Cloud to accelerate developer velocity through end-to-end automation, security, and compliance

Standardized multi-cloud platform solution

With no platform specific software within the solution’s core, ensure the same functionality, performance, and management experience across public and private cloud platforms. Deliver a uniform toolset across platforms and lines of business.

Automated Testing

Automated testing across all aspects of the software delivery lifecycle including the orchestration and management of integrated third-party software based upon business requirements.

Increased Developer Velocity and Productivity

Improving business performance through software development comes down to empowering developers, creating the right environment for them to innovate, and removing points of friction. Our DevOps Engine enables developers to move fast, within clearly defined guardrails, eliminating barriers to move ideas from the business to the customer quickly and efficiently.

“Shift left” application and infrastructure security testing

Ensure application security testing earlier in the software delivery lifecycle empowering developers to create secure code and enabling proactive collaboration across teams.

Enables the people and processes for a successful DevOps strategy

The software is a critical aspect in transforming software development, but It takes the right people and processes in addition to development tools to enable a successful DevOps practice. With the right tools, cultural and procedural changes are that much easier to make. The DevOps Engine provides the strong foundation to build upon.

Integrates with extended ecosystem - Jira, ServiceNow

Integrate with the tools in your extended environment to enrich the workflows in the application lifecycle management ecosystem and boost productivity across the entire DevOps chain.

The D|OPS Digital DevSecOps Engine delivers value across the software development lifecycle

Automate upgrades and cloud migrations

Quickly deployed into an AWS or GCP sandbox environment utilizing AMIs and Terraform

Detailed test plan

Enables rapid adoption and time to value

Accelerates developer velocity

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