What could be more fitting for an inaugural post than to announce the official launch of our company? I am proud to introduce D|OPS Digital.

The team and I have been working hard in preparation for this day and we are excited about the opportunities that lay ahead for our employees, our customers, and our partners.

A little about us; D|OPS Digital is a “Design Led” DevOps consulting firm targeting customers in the enterprise and service provider sectors. We deliver the people and skills to help our customers transform their software development and delivery processes, adopt DevOps best practices, and automate their CI/CD pipeline within a singular automated platform. In short, we help our customers build, test, and deploy quality code – fast.

So why did we start the company? And why now?

In a recent survey IDC found that over 77% of companies are beginning to adopt a DevOps strategy, however as many as 87% are disappointed with the results. Why? Because driving performance improvement within this key area of the business is challenging to say the least. Current toolchains, processes, code, compliance, lack of standardisation; all add complexity and make bringing together the people to implement effective and sustainable change critical.

Additionally, executive teams are now grappling with a once in a generation social and economic challenge. They’re forced to reprioritise their digital efforts and drive cloud acceleration while still maintaining regulatory compliance and governance. Their organisations seek to rapidly pivot their operating model, applications and underlying processes to support a remote socially distant workforce and customer base.

The reasons for a transition to a DevOps strategy have always been clear and immediate, current world events make them even more so. Software excellence is the new competitive advantage; and we can help.


To successfully achieve results in this discipline, organisations have to understand and boldly transform their development processes, unwind historic technology decisions & institutional thinking around their:

1)   Software Delivery Life Cycle Process – by rapidly bench marking cycle time against industry peers and other best in class organisations seeking to drive immediate iterative improvement.

2)   Organisational structure – by bringing together “crack” teams of business analysts, developers, security and operations specialists who focus on the rapid delivery and testing of new software features.

3)   Addressing the immediate skills gap and nurturing future talent by aggregating experienced teams who can work with the business to drive transformation and change balanced with identifying and training future development resources.

4)   Delivering then continually measuring tangible business outcomes – by defining the outcome, measuring its success, then reporting on it in real time so they can understand how effective they are being today, and then everyday forthwith.

5)   An integrated, automated development ecosystem that simplifies complex manual tool chains into tightly integrated, automated development and deployment platforms which accelerate software development to leverage the best of breed, optimal cloud destinations.

6)   Start small, achieve success and then rapidly scale the model. By creating and nurturing a culture of iteration where the customer is at the centre of each program. This involves bold, rapid iteration to get the model fit for purpose. Then rapid acceleration of all development, delivery pipelines, testing and deployment efforts into the model.

It sounds simple but of course it’s not, we wouldn’t see how many are disappointed in the results of their new strategy if it were. This is where we come in; our approach, with a firm focus on solutions from our partners at GitLab and HashiCorp, allows us to understand your current teams and environment before delivering an “Enterprise Ready” solution and enabling teams to sustain a successful DevOps practice.

Over the coming weeks the team and I will continue to post here about what we’re seeing and doing in our industry. I invite you to browse our website, check back regularly and leave comments below.

I am excited about our future; D|Ops Digital finds itself in one of the hypergrowth segments of our sector. Our goal is to create a Centre of Excellence for DevOps, underpinned by a growth mindset and an incredible working environment. By marrying industry experience with emerging talent we’ll help organisations to deploy an enterprise ready environment to win in the application economy – and win big!

All the best.