D|Ops Digital is a GitLab Centre of Excellence

In today’s economy every company is a software company; extended application development cycle times can have a direct impact on competitiveness and the bottom line.


of companies are adopting a DevOps strategy


of them are disappointed with the result


There are a multitude of reasons from the complexity of the code and an inefficient process to the cultural and organizational alignment of the teams within the company. However, one of the central and most critical aspects in deploying a successful DevOps lifecycle process revolves around the tools being used. When deployed effectively and with the proper approach, the right tool can become the necessary change agent to drive adoption and alter behaviors for a successful and sustainable DevOps practice.

Effective software development is the new competitive advantage

$5.2B spent on software tooling

Gitlab + D|Ops Digital

With that in mind D|Ops Digital has partnered with GitLab to accelerate the software development lifecycle through a singular DevOps platform. The GitLab platform, coupled with our experienced engineers and engagement approach, provide the cornerstone of a successful and efficient DevOps strategy.

Our Joint Approach

GitLab, founded in 2014, has 1,100 employees and has been adopted by over 100,000 organizations and 800,000 users worldwide

The GitLab platform is the first single application for the entire DevOps lifecycle. Replacing disconnected tools and integrating with others as necessary, only GitLab enables concurrent DevOps unlocking organizations from the constraints of the toolchain. GitLab provides unmatched visibility, higher levels of efficiency, and comprehensive governance which accelerates the software lifecycle and dramatically improves the speed of business.

Enterprise ready gitlab

Why we’ve partnered with GitLab is clear. What we deliver through our customer engagement approach is an Enterprise Ready DevOps Solution.

Our methodology is designed to help you dramatically improve, then automate your CI/CD process. Once the platform is implemented, we accelerate the migration of delivery pipelines to your public, private, and hybrid clouds and enable your engineers to sustain the new environment.

1. Workshop & Assessment

• Analysis of customer DevOps Maturity Model
• Tools assessment and organisational cultural review towards change
• Development pipeline process value stream map
• Goal setting

2. Development Pipeline Design & Build Phase

• Accelerated platform build / enhancement – on prem or cloud offering
• Delivery of automated CI Pipeline
• Delivery of a CD pipeline
• DevOps Process

3. Development Pipeline Adoption

• Code and Artifact Migration
• Migrating applications to new pipelines
• Training and support
• Metrics & KPI’s
• Scaling out CD

4. Everything as Code

• Infrastructure as Code
• Assisted Development & App Refactoring
• Container Automation


• Converting Operations to Site Recovery Engineers
• FinOps for Cloud
• Incident Management Approaches


• AGILE software development teams to provide accelerated and sustainable software delivery


Business Outcomes

Technology Outcomes

The D|OPS Digital engagement approach drives adoption and increases ROI.